August 22, 2016
Uncompromising sound with Active Noise Cancellation.
December 8, 2016
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Flexible home speaker

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Beoplay S3 draws heavily on geometry as a design reference. But also, it is reminiscent from the lines of two shapes embracing each other. The balance of the two gives you a harmonic shape, designed to let out great sound. The inspiration and shape originates from both the dodecahedron, a so-called Platonic solid, which is a geometric form named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and a tennis ball with two identical parts joining each other in an embrace.


Quick and simple Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for you to play from any of your favourite devices. Bluetooth even lets you connect wirelessly to two speakers at once, for a supreme stereo setup. If you’re using cables, you can even connect three or four Beoplay S3’s.

Under the hood

2 x 35 Class D amplifiers give you a combined 240 watts of amazing peak power. Two speaker drivers: a 3⁄4 inch tweeter and a 4 inch woofer.

– The Stereo Setting: Connect two speakers wirelessly or using cables, to use the stereo setting. One speaker serves as the left channel – and the other one serves as the right channel. With the stereo setup you get a real reproduction of three-dimensional sound that is – sound that pans from side to side, goes up and down, and moves back and forth.

– The Ambient Setting: A dedicated Digital Signal Processing algorithm, taking its foundation from the stereo experience, creates an ambient sound from one single speaker – and that sound has the spacious characteristics of a stereo setup. You can use the ambient setting whether you have 1, 3 or even 4 speakers in your setup.

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